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Welcome to SmallWorld Suggies

I'm Connie Small. I am located in Southern Indiana. The drawing above is of Miss Boo-Boo, one of my gliders I hand raised. She is reaching for a very special from Heaven. Shortly before my youngest child passed away, she and I watched a movie about a mother who was terminally ill. Her child asked how they would know she had made it to Heaven. She replied,"I will send you a feather." My daughter and I both thought that was very meaningful and touching.....and we made that promise to each other, in the event of our deaths. Shortly after her death, my daughter did indeed, send me a feather.

When searching for a template for my web site, I told a friend, I had to have a feather on it, and told her why. She then secretly commissioned an artist, to create this beautiful picture for me, in memory of my daughter, Cassondra "Cassy" Small. It was perfect, to put here and share with you all. Please, tell those you love, how much you love them. Tomorrow isn't promised to us. Pay It Forward, every chance you get.

Sugar gliders are very special little critters who will steal your heart away and you won't want it back. I make and sell toys to help support my rescues and keep my vet fund ready for any emergency that may arise. I am suggiemom1980 on I encourage you to register free of charge and read as much as possible, to learn more about sugar gliders. Please feel free to look around my site for information on sugar gliders in many subject areas. Check often as this site will be updated often. Connie